Friday, July 27, 2007

My Maw Maw Tattoo!

I have done it! I finally have gotten another tattoo ! I had seven so eight was really a big step for me because i have to be able to cover them all ,it's something in my raising i guess i can get them just have to be able to hide them if need me ,There is always a time and a place for things ya know! Well this time as usual there is a meaning /cause behind it , This one is a beautiful stipple butterfly in honor of my Maw Maw whom passed a few months ago , I have taken her loss very hard and really don't see my life ever being the same she was amazing and all kinds of wonderful! I can tell you it hurt like heck and that was the 1st tattoo i have ever gotten that ever ever hurt but you know i kept telling myself she was in pain when she was sick and she did it I can , although mine was self inflicted and should not complain it eased the pain a little and I felt some sort of peace that have never felt since she parted earth when he finished it. It was like a cool rush of air , amazing can't exactly describe it she was there and I know she was , but now i almost feel her walking with me through my life and this song she used to sing i have no clue what it is but it keeps playing in my head it goes "And he walks with me,talks with me..." I know this sounds a bit strange but I can tell you my life is not the same not one bit! I miss her so much.

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awannabe said...

Thats inspiring. Love the colors. Its beautiful.