Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday's Box of my Little Memories

So me and my not so much savvy on the computer is coming to me and I am becoming better and better everyday! [ok let me thank that anyway} I discovered the scanner ...old pictures and me scanned in for way more than time should of allowed but we did it! So here is my wonderful Tuesdayt Tribute . Thie day I want to say I miss my Grandma Hopkins alot she was amazing and boy could that woman cook .. I'll tell you my biggest memory of them was this yellow chair they had in there house man you could sit in ity and the bottom would pop in and out it was metal not like a new recliner it was tall andyellow the bottom looked like stairs it was way cool and I used to sit in it when I'd go over. I remember them alot and the time we spent there. My sister was lucky enough to get to live in there house after the passing for a while, but now some people bought the house and it's a disgrace now. I guess I cant expect much on taht , its their house now but still... Oh well just a rambaling! Well today is Tuesday.. a few more days left until the weekend.. Alot of Birthdays this weekend..

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Nanc said...

My grandma had one of those chairs, too, lol! And she was an excellent cook! I think that's a requirement of being a grandma, lol!

Have a good one!