Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday's Box of my Little Memories

So me and my not so much savvy on the computer is coming to me and I am becoming better and better everyday! [ok let me thank that anyway} I discovered the scanner ...old pictures and me scanned in for way more than time should of allowed but we did it! So here is my wonderful Tuesdayt Tribute . Thie day I want to say I miss my Grandma Hopkins alot she was amazing and boy could that woman cook .. I'll tell you my biggest memory of them was this yellow chair they had in there house man you could sit in ity and the bottom would pop in and out it was metal not like a new recliner it was tall andyellow the bottom looked like stairs it was way cool and I used to sit in it when I'd go over. I remember them alot and the time we spent there. My sister was lucky enough to get to live in there house after the passing for a while, but now some people bought the house and it's a disgrace now. I guess I cant expect much on taht , its their house now but still... Oh well just a rambaling! Well today is Tuesday.. a few more days left until the weekend.. Alot of Birthdays this weekend..

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My careers!

To the uninformed! lol! I am always looking for a career to have to be able to stay at home with Ashland and make money! I have been a Stampin up' demo since Feb.11 2006 and really really enjoy it! I just this year decided I really wanted to expand and up my anny an add a downline I have one below me and working towards a larger team! I have stamp clubs, classes and different events quite often! I love to scrapbook! and one day hope to have my own personal little scrap shack to be able to hold events and meetings at!! If ever interested in coming on board as one of my customers or joining my team then please contact me!

I also signed up this year to be a Mary Kay Independent Beauty consultant and I have to say these group of women are the most amazing and outrageous fun people i have ever experienced in all my 28 years! I love it! And I have to say its the best money I have spent just for what it cost in a single trip to walmart you can make a career and be offered amazing oppurtunites , and have fun doing it! There are many oppurtunities in Mary Kay and if you know anything about Mary Kay , I can assure you it's not your Mamaw's make up anymore! The skin care products on there own are worth it! I am sorry I think I have gotten carried away , what i was getting at if you are interested in joining my team or just getting a tube of lipstick please contact me . I have an amazing oppurtunity to be invited to attend a Mary Kay meeting on Tuesday nights and if your even having a thought about it I invite you to be my guest! I can tell you I can't think of any other company that allows you to earn cars! I place orders every single monday so if you need anything feel free to contact me!

I love my life and my oppurtunites that God has given me , I always want to better myself and enrich my life by adding avid challanges and elements! I have goals and they include going on the cruise with stampin up one day and driving one of the amazing pink caddy's! I invite you to come join me and we can do it togethor!

Friday, July 27, 2007

My Maw Maw Tattoo!

I have done it! I finally have gotten another tattoo ! I had seven so eight was really a big step for me because i have to be able to cover them all ,it's something in my raising i guess i can get them just have to be able to hide them if need me ,There is always a time and a place for things ya know! Well this time as usual there is a meaning /cause behind it , This one is a beautiful stipple butterfly in honor of my Maw Maw whom passed a few months ago , I have taken her loss very hard and really don't see my life ever being the same she was amazing and all kinds of wonderful! I can tell you it hurt like heck and that was the 1st tattoo i have ever gotten that ever ever hurt but you know i kept telling myself she was in pain when she was sick and she did it I can , although mine was self inflicted and should not complain it eased the pain a little and I felt some sort of peace that have never felt since she parted earth when he finished it. It was like a cool rush of air , amazing can't exactly describe it she was there and I know she was , but now i almost feel her walking with me through my life and this song she used to sing i have no clue what it is but it keeps playing in my head it goes "And he walks with me,talks with me..." I know this sounds a bit strange but I can tell you my life is not the same not one bit! I miss her so much.