Thursday, August 30, 2007


Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself you were going completely insane ? I have ok, anyway I feel like the whole world is just passing me by and I am stuck here just watching! I spend most days cleaning,cleaning ,cleaning and Trying to run my businesses and obtain order and sanity, I have a 2 year old that keeps me busy and my husband is just as much of a baby as her so I have 2 children at home to take care of ! Balance is the key to do it all I hear but I am not sure how to get there, My desk is covered with books,magazines, papers, barbies and crayons looks like a junk yard! I used to be so organized and now I am so anything but .No one is every happy always whining and complaining , always about what they want nothing about me! I guess that is the day and the life of a Mom! I have been working so hard the last 3 weeks on a big Mk goal and today it's the last day and I am not going to make it after I worked so hard , not gonna get the ring I was going for and so depressed over it, When it comes down to it I am bascially a bit over $100 away and I worked my Booty off and now going to lose it for $100. Lovely I tell you . I tell you I pray for a miracle and I will have someone call with an order so I will get it ,but you know Life works funny ways! So here's to a day that has started off with a lull and hope for a bit of happiness sometime today!

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